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Business France has the mission to overcome misconceptions and improve the Nordic investor's perception of the French economy by using facts and figures. In this section, you will discover through reports and benchmarks that France is a very modern and attractive country integrated into the global economy. You will also find information about the French pro-business environment and the ongoing reforms to make the labor market more flexible and create a more dynamic and entrepreneurial economy.

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France is Europe’s leading host country for FDI in industrial and R&D projects

The latest EY barometer on the attractiveness of France confirms its position of leading European host country for FDI in industrial and R&D projects. Despite a tense economic and geopolitical climate, the French economy is keeping up and the government is determined to move forward and maintain its pro-business reforms agenda.

Top 8 French start-ups to follow in 2020

In the context of growth and structuration of the French tech ecosystem and to start this new year with some good insights, here are 8 of the most promising French start-ups to follow in 2020.

French flexicurity - Part 4: tax reforms

President Macron engaged in 2018 a series of reforms to transform and modernize the French taxation system, increase France's attractiveness and make French companies and companies based in France more competitive. In his report “France Flexicurity”, Edward Hamilton analyses the tax reforms undertaken to bolster the business environment.

French flexicurity - Part 3: the vocational training reform

In his report on the French Flexicurity, Edward Hamilton analyses the reforms undertaken by President Macron to transform the French social model. The vocational training reform is one of them. This reform aims at developing and strengthening the competitivity of the employees by improving the quality and access to training.

French flexicurity - Part 2: the labor market reform

In his report on the “French Flexicurity”, Edward Hamilton, Labor Market Expert at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv) analyses the reforms undertaken by President Macron to transform the French social model. The labor law reform is the backbone of this structural change. The goal of the labor market reform engaged in September 2017 is to give a major impetus to the French economy and to favor employment by modernizing and adapting the French labor code.

French flexicurity - Part 1: context & outcomes

Edward Hamilton, Labour Market Expert at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv), wrote a report on the “French Flexicurity” published in May 2019. Business France Nordic is now launching a series of interviews in which we discuss the outcomes of this report. The first part is dedicated to introducing the context and the main findings of the report.

French attractiveness scoreboard 10th edition: see what makes France attractive

Business France in partnership with the Directorate General of the Treasury (DG Trésor) just released the 10th edition of the French Attractiveness Scoreboard. This Scoreboard presents France more attractive than ever to foreign investors, thanks to its structural assets, its pro-business climate and entrepreneurial dynamic and its progress on the path of a carbon-free economy. Here is a selection of the main outcomes...

France to boost its start-up Nation status

President Emmanuel Macron unveiled two unprecedented measures for the French Tech start-ups: 5 billion euros for late-stage funding and the creation of a new index, the Next40. France wants to boost its start-up Nation status.

French Stereotype #6: “France is anything but a start-up Nation”

The image that springs to mind when one evocates the expression "Start-up Nation” might be the Swedish "unicorn factory” or the wacky Finnish tech festival Slush. But you probably do not think spontaneously of France, the country of large, well-established companies in the energetic or in the automotive industries. France is the country of big luxury groups. "France is anything but a Start-up Nation". Today we are going to tackle a new stereotype and see what makes France a buoyant ecosystem for tech companies and why unicorns ready to hatch just around the corner.

French stereotype #5: “There are too many administrative procedures to create a company in France”

You have heard about the difficulty of settling in France due to an incomprehensible and tricky administration. Well, let us deconstruct these rumours and appease your worries. It has never been as easy to start a business in France.

Let's ketchup on the French Foodtech

It is beyond dispute that food is central to the French way of life. It seems then obvious that France is also constantly seeking innovation within the food and agriculture industry.

French Stereotype #3: “France is only good for food and luxury goods”

France is famous across the globe for its gastronomy and its expertise in luxury products particularly in fashion and cosmetics. Nonetheless, it is a narrow vision of France to simply reduce its economy to these two fields. France knows a growth in many more sectors such as in the biotech, in finance, in R&D etc. So, to tackle another French stereotype, today we are going to show that France has more to offer than food and luxury goods.

6 key measures of the PACTE Bill for startups

On the 23rd of May, the PACTE bill has been enacted as part of the pro-business reform program launched by President Emmanuel Macron since his election. It aims at transforming companies and ensuring their growth, and more particularly of SMEs and start-ups, thanks to a new and simplified legal framework. Let us introduce 6 key measures of the PACTE Bill for start-ups.

Why is the French health sector attractive for Nordic investors

With approximately €6.7 billion invested in R&D each year in the health sector, France keeps on attracting international researches of the field.

Attractiveness recognized, French innovation acclaimed!

Business France published a press release upon the 2019 EY "France attractiveness survey" barometer for foreign investment.

French Stereotype #4: “Taxation is harsh in France”

There are some misconceptions about the French business environment. Some are true and others are false. In this series of article, we strive to tackle these stereotypes. Today’s topic: The French taxation system.

Viva Technology: The Female Founder Challenge

From the 16th until the 18th of May will be held in Paris, one of the biggest conferences for start-ups and innovation in Europe, Viva Technology. In this context, the Female Founder Challenge has been launched.

Interview with Cédric Villani about AI in France for Nordic investors

Cédric Villani, Fields medallist and French representative wrote the report on which the French AI strategy is based. He came to Sweden in April to open the Science festival of Gothenburg and to engage the French-Swedish discussion on AI. Here is an exclusive interview that he gave to Business France, about AI in France for Nordic investors.

Keep an AI on France #3: Key sectors

In the Villani report defining the French AI strategy, 4 sectors are put forward as being key to the growth of AI in France. These 4 sectors are: health, mobility, environment and security & defence.

Keep an AI on France #2: Education

Artificial intelligence is becoming a priority for several European governments. While Nordic countries are moving forward on the field, France is also determined to take part in the AI race. Thus, the French government is targeting the root of the field: Education

A Swedish investor in Paris

France is one of the most dynamic places for start-ups in Europe, with 9,500 of them spreadout on the territory. Thus, France is increasingly becoming very attractive for investment fund interested in start-ups.

Keep an AI on France #1: Overview

AI is rapidly growing and has become a priority for many countries. Through different governmental programmes and private investments, Nordic countries and France are important actors of the AI race for innovation. We are going to tackle in several articles the different aspects of AI that are close to Nordics and French interests.

French stereotype #2: “French people are never at work”

France is charged with stereotypes worth being tackled, particularly in the business world. This is what we propose to do in this series of articles. We are going to deconstruct misunderstandings and preconceived ideas. Today’s theme is the productivity of French people at work.

French stereotype #1: “French bureaucracy is too complicated”

What comes up to your mind when you think about France? Pretty sure right now you are picturing a man in a stripy t-shirt with a beret, smoking a cigarette while holding a baguette and the newspaper under his arm. Though some of these stereotypes might be true, France is also charged with a few other stereotypes worth being tackled, particularly in the business world. This is what we propose to do in this serie of articles. We are going to show you another image of France. So, to begin with, today’s stereotype is: French bureaucracy.

The promising future of fintech in France

France’s fintech environment keeps on evolving. In 2018, €365 million were raised in the sector, this represents a growth of 15% in comparison to 2017. Thus, France is carving out a prime position for itself on the fintech scene.

Choose France Summit 2019: Take a chance on France

On the 21st of January, President Macron gathered 120 CEOs of foreign companies at the Chateau de Versailles to discuss the development of the country and its attractiveness for foreign investment. For 2019, foreign investments amount to €600 million, with a large proportion of it dedicated to R&D and industries.

After the City, the City of Light: Paris is to become the new European financial hub  

In the context of Brexit, France has undergone a few reforms and change to be able to welcome the new financial hub of Europe.  

France is more competitive and attractive than ever!

The 2018 edition of the attractiveness scoreboard uses 123 indicators comparing France to its main competitors in the OECD (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and Japan).

France allows the testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads

The French government has set the bar high announcing its goal to deploy highly automated vehicles on public roads between 2020 and 2022.

Norwegian investors approve the ongoing reforms in France

At the occasion of the French-Norwegian Day 2018 organized around the theme of artificial intelligence (AI), Norwegian investors shared their positive opinion of the ongoing reforms undertaken in France.

The essential guide: everything about business in France in 2018

Everything you need to know about the business environment in France, from the big picture down to the last detail on how to set up your business in France. This guide compiles the latest facts and figures on international rankings, and advice for investors and entrepreneurs.

Is France becoming the world champion for automotive technologies?

France is one of the countries where most investments have been made in technologies related to the automotive industry, ranking third with more than €200 million funds raised in 41 operations.

2018 Environmental Protection Index: France is 2nd

France is the second country that best protects its environment in the world

2018 European Innovation Scoreboard

Facts and figures by the European Commission

La French Tech, what's that?

All you wanted to know about La French Tech

France goes electric in 2018

18 000 electric vehicles registered in France during the first semester of 2018

France’s ambitious plans to develop sales of electric vehicle and EV network

World Nuclear Exhibition - Paris starting on the 26th of June

The leading event for the global civil nuclear energy community.

EY barometer on French attractiveness

Paris vs London: the French alternative for Nordic investors

Startups in France, Mahjoubi makes it easy

Mounir Mahjoubi, announced 100 measures to ease the life of creative entrepreneurs in France.

French-Swedish partnership to shape the future of innovation and green revolution

The signature of a Strategic partnership for innovation and green solutions between France and Sweden is a landmark achievement to strengthen collaboration between the two countries and to advance European cooperation on topics of the future.

What’s up French Fab? Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, an opportunity for Nordic industries

French Fab: the perfect mix between industry and innovation

“AI Challenge Paris Region 2018”: Paris & AI, a new love story

Paris is the new place to be for Nordic businesses in AI

France’s attractiveness is blooming, including for the Nordics

France is among the favourite business destinations, and the Nordics increasingly look towards it.

Showing the way for AI

“Choose Paris over Palo Alto” : AI international giants are choosing France, why don’t you ?

Learn more about the Swedish-French Start-up Hub

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France and Estimeo, the automated start-up rating platform, enter a partnership to promote and strengthen the Swedish and French ecosystems and innovation.