Business France Nordic

About Business France Nordic

Business France is the national agency that contributes to the development and success of French and foreign businesses wishing to expand abroad by supporting them throughout the lifetime of their projects, and is driven by an efficient, result-oriented working culture. Business France have 1,500 employees working in 87 offices in 124 countries.

Our goal is to put in work where it counts, pulling out all the stops for businesses to grow and succeed, both in France and abroad.

We bring together all our expertise to support your business’ development and to ensure the success of your projects by offering a pragmatic, customized approach in line with your budget and ambitions.

We are a key player in fostering competitiveness, growth and employment in France, offering clear and efficient access to all corporate development stakeholders and services for all businesses, irrespective of their size, sector, and projects, from exports to investments through to multinational partnerships.

We also run the V.I.E International Graduate Program (Volontaire International en Entreprise), that enables businesses located in France to give candidates a temporary assignment of in a foreign country. The scheme is open to candidates of all qualification levels not only from France, but also from any other country in the European Economic Area. There are more than 200 V.I.Es spread out in the Nordics and their number is increasing.

We have 4 offices in the Nordic Region, in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki, with activities extended to Estonia and Iceland. In total, 36 people are working in this region, spread across our offices, each of them being organized by areas of expertise following the same layout: