Successful ‘’Première’’ for the French Design & Decoration Day!

The first edition of the French Design & Decoration Day took place at the French Residence in Stockholm on the 9th of October! More than 130 professional visitors came to meet 11 French exclusive brands and listen to inspirational trend seminars. An event dedicated to Design & Decoration for the Contract market.

French attractiveness scoreboard 10th edition: see what makes France attractive

Business France in partnership with the Directorate General of the Treasury (DG Trésor) just released the 10th edition of the French Attractiveness Scoreboard. This Scoreboard presents France more attractive than ever to foreign investors, thanks to its structural assets, its pro-business climate and entrepreneurial dynamic and its progress on the path of a carbon-free economy. Here is a selection of the main outcomes...

The city of light is the brightest spot for foreign investors

The Institute for Business Value, part of the IBM Services Group, publishes every year the Global Location Trends Report, which presents the key trends in international investment. The 2019 edition of the Report enlighten us about three mains observations related to France: Paris is the most attractive city in the world for foreign investments, France is in the top 3 of the most attractive European countries. France is also the 6th largest investor and the 6th most attractive country in the world for foreign investments.

Start your business in France with the Young Enterprise Initiative

The Young Enterprise Initiative (YEi) Start in France program, founded in 2005, is an accelerator for young science-based companies interested in growing their business in France and Europe. The 2020 call for applications for the YEi is now open to start-ups from Finland, Norway, and Sweden and is open until October 31st. Apply now!


The French Design and Decoration Day will take place at the Residence of France in Stockholm, on the 9th of October 2019. Come and meet with new and existing high-end French brands to get new insights and develop new projects. Products and samples will be exhibited. You will have the opportunity to whether simply visit spontaneously the exhibitors or pre-arrange a speed-meeting with them.

France to boost its start-up Nation status

President Emmanuel Macron unveiled two unprecedented measures for the French Tech start-ups: 5 billion euros for late-stage funding and the creation of a new index, the Next40. France wants to boost its start-up Nation status.

Choose a French wine, I will tell you who you are…

French wines are the second most appreciated origin by Swedish consumers. Côtes du Rhône and Languedoc wines are most appreciated by a large portion of consumers while Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux are the top 3 origins on wine lists in Sweden's restaurants.

French Stereotype #6: “France is anything but a start-up Nation”

The image that springs to mind when one evocates the expression "Start-up Nation” might be the Swedish "unicorn factory” or the wacky Finnish tech festival Slush. But you probably do not think spontaneously of France, the country of large, well-established companies in the energetic or in the automotive industries. France is the country of big luxury groups. "France is anything but a Start-up Nation". Today we are going to tackle a new stereotype and see what makes France a buoyant ecosystem for tech companies and why unicorns ready to hatch just around the corner.