French Stereotype #4: “Taxation is harsh in France”

There are some misconceptions about the French business environment. Some are true and others are false. In this series of article, we strive to tackle these stereotypes. Today’s topic: The French taxation system.

Viva Technology: The Female Founder Challenge

From the 16th until the 18th of May will be held in Paris, one of the biggest conferences for start-ups and innovation in Europe, Viva Technology. In this context, the Female Founder Challenge has been launched.

Interview with Cédric Villani about AI in France for Nordic investors

Cédric Villani, Fields medallist and French representative wrote the report on which the French AI strategy is based. He came to Sweden in April to open the Science festival of Gothenburg and to engage the French-Swedish discussion on AI. Here is an exclusive interview that he gave to Business France, about AI in France for Nordic investors.

Business France brings six new Champagne houses to Grand Champagne Helsinki 2019

Grand Champagne Helsinki (9. – 11.5.2019), the main event in Finland dedicated to champagne lovers, gourmands and top names in the industry is here again! This year, for the first time, Business France will bring six Champagne houses, new to Finland. These small growers and quality houses have been selected for their interesting offer coming from the different parts of the Champagne region.

My V.I.E story: Pauline Gareau, international trainee at Servier in Finland

Pauline Gareau has had a unique professional and personal experience in Finland at Servier Laboratories, thanks to the V.I.E program.

My V.I.E story: Dimitri Mohit, international trainee at Crédit Agricole CIB in Finland

Thanks to the V.I.E program, Dimitri Mohit has had a unique professional and personal experience in Finland at the Crédit Agricole CIB.

Keep an AI on France #3: Key sectors

In the Villani report defining the French AI strategy, 4 sectors are put forward as being key to the growth of AI in France. These 4 sectors are: health, mobility, environment and security & defence.

My V.I.E story: Marie Le Bras, international trainee at Pierre Fabre Laboratories in Denmark

Thanks to the V.I.E programme, Marie Le Bras is living a unique professional and personal experience in Denmark at the Pierre Fabre Laboratories.