Let's ketchup on the French Foodtech

It is beyond dispute that food is central to the French way of life. It seems then obvious that France is also constantly seeking innovation within the food and agriculture industry.

French Stereotype #3: “France is only good for food and luxury goods”

France is famous across the globe for its gastronomy and its expertise in luxury products particularly in fashion and cosmetics. Nonetheless, it is a narrow vision of France to simply reduce its economy to these two fields. France knows a growth in many more sectors such as in the biotech, in finance, in R&D etc. So, to tackle another French stereotype, today we are going to show that France has more to offer than food and luxury goods.

Major European bank bets on Danish fintech entrepreneurs

BNP Paribas, one of Europe's largest banks, has set their eyes on the Danish fintech stage. Through a partnership with Copenhagen Fintech, the big bank now allows Nordic start-ups to scale and grow globally.

6 key measures of the PACTE Bill for startups

On the 23rd of May, the PACTE bill has been enacted as part of the pro-business reform program launched by President Emmanuel Macron since his election. It aims at transforming companies and ensuring their growth, and more particularly of SMEs and start-ups, thanks to a new and simplified legal framework. Let us introduce 6 key measures of the PACTE Bill for start-ups.

Why is the French health sector attractive for Nordic investors

With approximately €6.7 billion invested in R&D each year in the health sector, France keeps on attracting international researches of the field.

Attractiveness recognized, French innovation acclaimed!

Business France published a press release upon the 2019 EY "France attractiveness survey" barometer for foreign investment.

5 tips to find public support for your projects in France

May you need a little push to make your project flourish, several types of help and public funds, both national and regional, are available to you. Here are 5 tips to find public funds and help.

French Stereotype #4: “Taxation is harsh in France”

There are some misconceptions about the French business environment. Some are true and others are false. In this series of article, we strive to tackle these stereotypes. Today’s topic: The French taxation system.