France is a great place for sport

The French Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, was in Sweden last week to support the French team at the World Ski Championship in Åre. It was also a good occasion to remind that France is a nation of sport, not only thanks to its great champions, but also because of its expertise in sport facilities, infrastuctures, events and innovation.

The maritime sector at the crossroads for France and Norway

France and Norway have a lot to share in the maritime sector at many levels. The existing cooperation is strong to foster better regulations and initiatives to enhance sustainability, but more efforts need to made to face the current challenges. Frederic Moncany gives opinion of what has been done and what is needed to deepen cooperation.

French stereotype #1: “French bureaucracy is too complicated”

What comes up to your mind when you think about France? Pretty sure right now you are picturing a man in a stripy t-shirt with a beret, smoking a cigarette while holding a baguette and the newspaper under his arm. Though some of these stereotypes might be true, France is also charged with a few other stereotypes worth being tackled, particularly in the business world. This is what we propose to do in this serie of articles. We are going to show you another image of France. So, to begin with, today’s stereotype is: French bureaucracy.

Thomas Berglund shares his experience of doing business in France

Throughout his career, as CEO of different international Swedish groups (i.e. Securitas and Capio), Thomas Berglund has had a long experience in doing business in France. He is here openly talking about his perception of the French market and the support he received from Business France to expand Capio’s activity in France.

The promising future of fintech in France

France’s fintech environment keeps on evolving. In 2018, €365 million were raised in the sector, this represents a growth of 15% in comparison to 2017. Thus, France is carving out a prime position for itself on the fintech scene.

Choose France Summit 2019: Take a chance on France

On the 21st of January, President Macron gathered 120 CEOs of foreign companies at the Chateau de Versailles to discuss the development of the country and its attractiveness for foreign investment. For 2019, foreign investments amount to €600 million, with a large proportion of it dedicated to R&D and industries.

Renault Trucks and the Volvo Group invest €33 million in a new R&D centre in Lyon

Renault Trucks, owned by Volvo Group since 2000, has officialised the decision of opening a brand-new R&D centre near Lyon in France. An investment of 33 million euros.

After the City, the City of Light: Paris is to become the new European financial hub  

In the context of Brexit, France has undergone a few reforms and change to be able to welcome the new financial hub of Europe.