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France is Europe’s leading host country for FDI in industrial and R&D projects

The latest EY barometer on the attractiveness of France confirms its position of leading European host country for FDI in industrial and R&D projects. Despite a tense economic and geopolitical climate, the French economy is keeping up and the government is determined to move forward and maintain its pro-business reforms agenda.

Top 8 French start-ups to follow in 2020

In the context of growth and structuration of the French tech ecosystem and to start this new year with some good insights, here are 8 of the most promising French start-ups to follow in 2020.

In 2019, the French AI startups raised the most funds in Europe

France has fully grasped the game-changing challenges brought by AI technologies and asserts its strategy in the battle for AI supremacy. With more artificial intelligence (AI) startups created every year, massive investments in these startups and a high level of R&D spending (2.9% of GDP), France is one the main European players in AI.

For Danish investors, France is going in the right direction

On Wednesday, November 20, 2019, Danske Bank and the French Embassy in Denmark, with the support of Business France, organized an “Investors’ Day” event in Copenhagen, in the presence of Chris Vogelzang, CEO of Danske Bank and Caroline Ferrari, French Ambassador to Denmark, to discuss the pro-business climate initiated by the French government.

4 reasons to hire a V.I.E international trainee

In 2019, Business France organized a series of challenges named Grand Prix V.I.E in the 4 Nordic countries. The V.I.E trainees from each country were invited to participate and compete with the production of a short video presenting their experience as international trainees. Here come the awarded videos, a great job done by our talented V.I.E, each providing one more reason to start using this program to develop and grow your business in the Nordics.

SLUSH 2019 is live! French tech startups are ready to shine in the darkness

Everything is bigger this year at SLUSH, and the French delegation makes no exception to this. Business France will welcome on its pavilion 12 companies that are either startups or scaleups, ranging from the food industry to different fields of technology. Business France also organizes learning expeditions for 8 companies at the event.

French flexicurity - Part 4: tax reforms

President Macron engaged in 2018 a series of reforms to transform and modernize the French taxation system, increase France's attractiveness and make French companies and companies based in France more competitive. In his report “France Flexicurity”, Edward Hamilton analyses the tax reforms undertaken to bolster the business environment.

French flexicurity - Part 3: the vocational training reform

In his report on the French Flexicurity, Edward Hamilton analyses the reforms undertaken by President Macron to transform the French social model. The vocational training reform is one of them. This reform aims at developing and strengthening the competitivity of the employees by improving the quality and access to training.

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