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My V.I.E story: Marie Le Bras, international trainee at Pierre Fabre Laboratories in Denmark

Thanks to the V.I.E programme, Marie Le Bras is living a unique professional and personal experience in Denmark at the Pierre Fabre Laboratories.

Nordic investments in France create or preserve jobs

The number of jobs created or preserved in France thanks to Nordic investments has kept on growing in 2018, reaching 1,660 jobs (+13% compared to 2017). France maintains its position in the top 3 destinations in Europe for Nordic investments in terms of job creation.

Keep an AI on France #2: Education

Artificial intelligence is becoming a priority for several European governments. While Nordic countries are moving forward on the field, France is also determined to take part in the AI race. Thus, the French government is targeting the root of the field: Education

A Swedish investor in Paris

France is one of the most dynamic places for start-ups in Europe, with 9,500 of them spreadout on the territory. Thus, France is increasingly becoming very attractive for investment fund interested in start-ups.

France following in the footsteps of Nordic countries for gender equality

Nordic countries are role model for the progress of women’s rights.France aims at catching up with Nordic countries. In the past few weeks France has known several turning points on the path to gender equality.

Keep an AI on France #1: Overview

AI is rapidly growing and has become a priority for many countries. Through different governmental programmes and private investments, Nordic countries and France are important actors of the AI race for innovation. We are going to tackle in several articles the different aspects of AI that are close to Nordics and French interests.

French stereotype #2: “French people are never at work”

France is charged with stereotypes worth being tackled, particularly in the business world. This is what we propose to do in this series of articles. We are going to deconstruct misunderstandings and preconceived ideas. Today’s theme is the productivity of French people at work.

“France is better than its reputation” 

After more than a decade doing business in France, Thomas Eldered, CEO of the Swedish company Recipharm, gives some insights about his French experience. He explains why they decided to invest in France and how Business France helped them to succeed.

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